Monday, April 11, 2011


Floral prints can never go out of style, as they look vibrant and pretty as far as bikinis are concerned. (Source: Paul Hart -
A halter floral bikini in green is ideal if you want to feel pampered at the beach side. (Source: Paul Hart -
What's there to hide if you dare to flaunt a well-toned body and honey skin? (Source: Paul Hart -
Purple is the latest fad this season, and Bianca's sexy lingerie says it all.(Source: Paul Hart -
Indulge in some play, wear your man's shirt and let the magic spell its impact on him. (Source: Paul Hart -
This lingerie in purple will ensure that you look pretty and sexy at the same time. (Source: Paul Hart -
Black is the latest in vougue that screams style and fashion in every way you want to wear it. (Source: Paul Hart -
The girlie pink remains a hot favuorite among girls that represents the colour of beauty and appeal. (Source: Paul Hart -
Exotic lingerie like this is the one that creates a facet of livelihood. (Source: Paul Hart -
Halter neck bikinis in black are in, as Bianca dons it. Pick some uber-cool numbers for yourself. (Source: Paul Hart -

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