Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bhumika refutes divorce rumours

Bhumika Chawla is extremely upset these days over rumours about the actress divorcing her husband, the power yoga instructor Bharat Thakur. (BCCL/)
A visibly furious Bhumika reacts, "It started from an event where I was spotted without Bharat. I have been traveling between Mumbai, Dubai and Hyderabad, and wherever I go, does it mean that Bharat has to travel with me all the time? First, it was said that he's sleeping with a socialite, then it was said that he has taken my money." (BCCL/)
"And now the latest rumour is that I am a victim of domestic violence. I have just come back from Dubai and we had a whale of time. Right now, I am in Mumbai, in Juhu with my mother. She has had an angioplasty. My family met with a massive car accident last year. Is coming back to see your parents filing for a divorce?" the actress adds.
On Bharat's insistence, Bhumika started a production house, with a flick called 'Thakita Thakita', which bombed leading to losses worth crores. Argues Bhumika, "Around that time two other big films had also released and they too bombed. Why don't people talk about that? If I leave my hubby because a film bombs, isn't that the most ridiculous reason?" (BCCL/)
Rumour has it that Bharat also got her to invest in a Dubai business venture that also bit the dust. "Absolutely untrue," Bhumika retorted. "He chooses to let go. But a point came when one of us had to speak. I am simple but if you push me beyond a point, I'll hit you the hardest. How long can I take it?" she says. (BCCL/)

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